Saturday, September 25, 2010


Its one of those days where you know the day before was a lot lot better, and you're begging like a child for a simple second of sweet yesterday.

But no.

Always moving, always looking, trying so damn hard to satisfy to the very best of my abilities, my simple curiosity about a world, that only a few years back i've seen nothing off.

When I first set out, everything was new. And looking back, always the same usual monotonous voice creeps into my head saying: 'look how green you were back then man... and of course, the classic, what in God's name were you wearing?!' There's always things that you wish you'd done differently.

But mind you, this aint regret. I mean I still, and always will, love those moments, but if i could just squeeze a little bit more, perhaps my eyes would smile. Because hey, if your eyes are smiling, then you're smiling.

But I know if I could go back and warn little-ol'-mini-me here, he'd be like: 'I know I can't, I know I shouldn't, but I must'.

So I decided, plausible deniability was best. Live and be free my friend.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

on a highway to hell

All this while a dip and nap would suffice, because otherwise lets face it, you're missing the point. I'm determined that on these plains I would find whatever it is that I'm looking for. Even if I dont know what that could possibly be.

But that aint the case. I'm in a place of fog and mist, where the very figure of the shadowy monster you might call 'the rat race' resonate through my over eaten imagination.

Its suppose to be a matter of physics. Plain simple. Pick a job, and stick to it. But life does not give you an A or B to circle. There always and forever will be C, D, E ... etc. Dear jebus, give me a rat. A rat so good you'll bleed from your ears if i tell you.

I'm a hardworking man. I deserve to be happy. Live the life in an independent republic of cocktail that takes away the wrinkles and eye sacks, and brings fourth the smiles.

Oh yes.

Oh yes you distant away imaginary illusion you.